I’m New

Rev. William Ball

Rev. William Ball

So, why are you looking at this webpage?

There might be many different reasons, but most include “looking for something … or someone!” It might be specific to this church or maybe even to me, but more broadly speaking, it could be that you are looking for something much deeper.

We are all looking for what we need – the basics of life: food, water, shelter, security, fulfillment. Developmental psychologist, Abraham Maslow, suggested a hierarchy of needs – perhaps another way of saying that we are “looking for something.” Humans have always done this, and part of this looking has involved the deeper questions of life. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s it all about?” How do you answer those questions?

Maybe the approach you are looking for is one of faith – specifically, a Christian approach. The “Catchecism for Today” from my denomination begins with this question:

Question 1. What is God’s purpose for our lives?

And it answers:

We have been made for joy: joy in knowing, loving and serving God, joy in knowing, loving and serving one another, joy in the wonder of all God’s works.

I encourage you to not only search for that joy, but I pray that you discover it, know it, and be transformed by the deeply satisfying experience of joy in your life. We find it all around us, and within, if we but have the eyes to see, the heart to understand, and the ability to put into effect the divine impulse toward God, each other and creation. You’ll find that God has already found you!

We are regularly welcoming visitors and newcomers just like you. We want to know you and invite you to join us as we…

“…celebrate and reflect God’s love, encouraging one another to grow in relationship with God and service to others.”