Leading with Care

In recent years, Westminster Presbyterian Church has put into place a policy called Leading With Care. It states:

“It is the policy of the Presbyterian Church in Canada that all  persons and in particular all children, youth and vulnerable adults, who participate in the denomination’s programs/ministries and/or use the denomination’s facilities will be cared for with Christian compassion and will be safe”.

 We now have a Leading With Care (LWC) team to oversee the policy and ensure that it is as effective as possible. The various ministries for example : Session, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, etc. are required to evaluate the risk factors associated with that ministry and determine how these risks can be reduced to a minimum. Persons in higher risk ministries must:

— undergo training

— sign a Covenant of Care form

— obtain a Police Record check every 5 years

The Board of Finance and Maintenance is responsible for ensuring that our facilities are safe for use by our congregation and rental groups.

The LWC team reports to Session and initiates the response to any incidents such as a personal injury or act of vandalism. It also takes the  lead in planning and carrying out fire drills from all parts of our facilities.