Our Lenten Journey

Please join us.

Sunday      March 3, 2019  Communion – Come to the Table
Sunday      April   7, 2019  Lent 5  (NO Communion)
Sunday      April 14, 2019  Palm Sunday
Thursday  April 18, 2019  Maundy Thursday Dinner & program

Please join us for our annual Maundy Thursday Mediterranean dinner and programme. Dinner will start at 6:00pm and will be followed by a short programme including Communion. It will end at 7:30pm and will be held in the Memorial Gym. Again this year we will be getting supper from COZMOS on Greenbank Rd. Tickets will be sold during Coffee Time on Sun. Apr. 7th & 14th.  Prices this year are: $15/adult; $10/child under 12; $35/family.  Please see Sharon Tinkess or Robyn Loughrey for tickets and details or to volunteer to serve food and set out drinks (tea/coffee/water) and plates.

Friday        April 19, 2019  Good Friday Communion Service
Sunday     April 21, 2019
7:00 a.m.    Easter Sunrise Gathering at Maplelawn Garden
10:30 a.m.  Easter Communion Service

As we prepare ourselves for our Lenten Journey this year…

We Find Meaning in the Tradition    A Time Called … LENT

Our baptism is a symbolic dying and rising with Christ. In Lent, we turn with Christ towards these events in his life. Along the way, the Spirit gives the opportunity for us to redirect and refocus our lives, and more fully realize our baptismal identity. We recall where we are going and what it cost  God for us to become resurrection people. We become open to the possibilities of new beginnings  all around us. The season of Lent points us to Easter.

Questions for Personal Meditation

Is there something in my life that needs to die so that I can move toward a new life with Christ?
What are the important ingredients in my Lenten journey?

We Find Meaning in the Tradition   A Time Called … PALM / PASSION SUNDAY

Holy week is framed by glory – the glory offered by people as Jesus entered Jerusalem and the glory offered by God in the resurrected Christ. Today, we think about the glory we give Jesus in our lives and are reminded, in the reading of the passion narrative, that the glory we offer is not enough to save him from death. We are moving toward the cross where we shall see what humans did, and shall wait for what God does.  This week is a roller coaster of deep emotion and dramatic events.  The palm tree branches of this Sunday honour Jesus, but soon another tree will bring death.  We wait for Easter resurrection.

Questions for Personal Meditation

How do I honour Jesus in my life?
In this Holy Week, how and when can I set aside daily time for prayer and meditation?

We Find Meaning in the Tradition   A Time Called … MAUNDY Thursday

In the foot-washing service, we might see that it is not the act which gives meaning, but who is doing it that carries the message of radical servanthood. In the Lord’s Supper, we may focus on God’s gifts, strengthening us to face tomorrow in faith. We remember the commandment to love one another and ask for a new beginning in love. We remove the colour and decoration of our sanctuary, symbolizing the colour and creativity that left the world when Jesus died – leaving that story to stand unadorned.  Your service of worship may end with the ancient tradition of stripping the chancel and sanctuary of decoration and colour. We wait for Good Friday.

Questions for Personal Meditation

In what ways am I learning to love?
Is it harder for me to serve another, or let another serve me?
If things of colour and decoration were removed from the sanctuary, how did that affect me?

We Find Meaning in the Tradition   A Time Called … GOOD FRIDAY

On this dark day, we know that Jesus will be raised. But giving the events their own day reminds us that new life comes at great cost and by way of a cross – this cross. In the same way, baptism is not just about rising with Christ, but dying and rising with him. Part of our baptismal identity is given to us today, giving us the courage to face the pain, suffering, and injustice in our lives and in our world. Seeing those things through the Good Friday story, we glimpse the promise of Easter.

Questions for Personal Meditation

What questions would I like to ask God about this story?
What questions does God ask of me?

We Find Meaning in the Tradition  A Time Called … EASTER DAY

The Easter story is about Jesus who is raised from the dead. But that is not all. The resurrected Christ remembers his followers and seeks them out. He wants them to know he is alive. Why? Not to impress them with a trick, but because his dying and rising has to do with them. He seeks us out for the same reason. We all may share in his death and his resurrection. We can all have a new beginning. God has done this for us through Jesus Christ. This is the Good News.

Questions for Personal Meditation

If I could only share one aspect of my faith in Christ with someone, what would that be?
Can I Read my favourite Easter hymn as prayer and praise to God?