Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care2


This team is a group of specially trained caring people who demonstrate a practical helpful way “to love your neighbour” through home and health care facility visits.  Each member of the team has taken the Pastoral Care Training course administered by the Ottawa Pastoral Care Team Program Committee.  This course is an inter-denominational program affiliated with the Christian Council of the Capital Area.   All interactions are held in confidence.

 pc-team_cookies-for-christmas-2016_1 pc-team_cookies-for-christmas-2016_2What do we do?

We bring our congregation’s concern for the well-being of all persons under our care by:

  • Visiting
  • Listening
  • Providing emotional support
  • Giving prayerful guidance
  • Sharing joyous occasions
  • Suggesting referrals if necessary

What is the Minister’s role on the team?

Rev William Ball is the team mentor.  He gives them support, encouragement and advice.  He assists the team members in skill building and growing in faith together.

When should you call?ecMpo8bpi[1]

When you:

  • Know of a friend in need
  • Want to share a joyous event
  • Need a sounding board for a small problem
  • Need support in a big way
  • Are lonely

Who should I contact?

Marina Dykstra, 613-722-1144 x226 or
or the Church Office, 613-722-1144 or