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News from Session

The Session has approved the Westminster Congregational Profile developed by the Search Committee. The profile is now available for potential candidates to access by contacting our Interim Moderator, Rev. Karen Dimock. We have already received a number of requests for the profile.

Worship Team News

Sunday Worship Participation

We are a part of the body of Christ: One body – many parts. We offer the congregation the opportunity to be a part of and to actively participate in the worship service on Sunday mornings.  We do this by arranging for greeters at our entrance doors to welcome everyone into worship. We encourage others to read the scripture lessons and we are looking for others to support our Audio-Visual technology.  Please consider saying ‘Yes’ to serving. For more info about serving during worship, please contact Catherine Mackay, Maureen Cleary, Betty Jean Bone or Carol Ann Joiner.

Worship Leadership

The worship team supports our supply ministers & worship leaders with our worship experience each Sunday at Westminster. As we move into the Lenten Season, Rev Floyd MacPhee will be leading many of our worship services. He will be the consistent minister for us as we continue on in our church vacancy journey.

Hymn Books

Did you know that we have had our newest Presbyterian Hymn Books for about 20 years now?! In that time we have enjoyed using them each Sunday to sing to the glory of God. Some of these hymn books have been ‘well loved and well used!’ The Worship Team has been working over the past few months to add book binding tape to the spines of the books in order to preserve them for more years of praise & worship to come.

These Days

As spring arrives, it’s time to renew our These Days subscriptions. The cost this year for 4 issues of this wonderful daily devotional magazine is $15. Also, new subscribers are always welcome!

Email  for further information on subscribing.

Pastoral Care at Westminster

We provide pastoral care in different ways. The pastoral care team visits people in retirement and nursing homes, as well as those that are unable to attend church or church functions. Additionally, the congregation of Westminster provides pastoral care through: coffee hour on Friday mornings at Carlingwood, fellowship after church on Sunday mornings, breakfast at Kristy’s, the prayer chain, taking people for appointments, providing a listening ear and just being a friend; offering a smile, a hug, a drive.

In the words of the apostle Paul, “I give thanks to God for all of you.”

If you’re interested, call or email Marina Dykstra at  613-722-1144 X 226 or