“The Kingdom grows each time beautiful worship is offered to God, each time a child learns the story of salvation from a Sunday school teacher, each time a small group welcomes a new member.”

Supporting Westminster

During this time of uncertainty, Westminster continues its mission. Please continue to financially support Westminster. You can do so by mailing your envelope to the church, doing an email money transfer, indicating your envelope number, to or using PAR for monthly automatic withdrawals from your bank account.

If you want to donate by PAR please contact Josiah Kitcher by email


We show our love for God by giving back to God and by reaching out to others. Utilizing our gifts is something that we are called to do. And that something is what we call stewardship.

Source: Written by Kevin Little for The United Church of Canada, 2008. Adapted with permission by The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Gifts of time and talent are needed in many areas:

Worship Planning special services, reading scripture, taking the collection
Prayer Prayer chain, youth prayer partners
Visiting & Care of People Pastoral care, card ministry
Music Adult choir, junior choir, musical talent
Teaching Sunday School teachers, Nursery Coordinator and Assistant, Youth Leaders
Mission Cheese Sandwich Making, Mission for Books
Artistic and Hands-On Banners, flower arrangements, decorating for special events, building maintenance, kitchen cleaning, church landscape and gardens
Organizational/Communication Sunday morning open/close, serve on church teams, write articles for Wespress, publicity, organize fellowship events
Hospitality Sunday morning greeters, hosting refreshments for after Sunday service, food service for funeral receptions and events
Fund Raising Fall Bazaar, Spring Sale and special events
Technology Sunday worship audio and visual services, church website and social media, church office desktop and network
Finance and Administration Manage finances and investments, office help

Financial gifts to ensure the long-term viability of Westminster and its ministry can be made in several ways:

    • Pew envelopes are available for visitors who wish to make an offering. Donations are tracked, and a tax receipt is issued at the year-end if we have a legible name and address.
    • Numbered envelopes are issued upon request to donate weekly and to spontaneous church activities and projects. Donations are tracked and a tax receipt is issued at the year-end to the envelope owner.
    • Monthly direct deposit (PAR) is available to electronically transfer funds to Westminster, monthly. Decide on an annual commitment and eliminate the need to track missing weeks or worry about holiday absences.
    • Planned Gifts are an effective way to leave a legacy at Westminster and often have significant tax benefits associated with them, which can lower the cost of the gift. Publicly traded securities, life insurance, life beneficiary gifts (RRSPs and RRIFs) and estate planning are just some of the available options. Talk to your financial adviser or search the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information.
    • The gift of time and talent to organize an event is an opportunity to work in fellowship with others to raise funds for Westminster and its ministry
    • The Memorial Fund provides an opportunity to honour the memory of a loved one, and in so doing, to enrich the life of the congregation. The funds are used for special purposes at the discretion of Session. The fund has been used to send children to Christian camps, help fund youth mission trips, subsidize adult Christian conference fees, and buy supplies for the nursery.

For further information on any of these options, please or call the Church Office at 613-722-1144.